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In 2011, ComEd began substantial investment to rebuild, modernize, and expand Illinois’ century-old electric grid. Among those investments were the deployment of a smart grid and new, digital smart meters. This investment, now well underway, has improved reliability while maintaining safe and affordable service. To ensure that customers, including low-income citizens, are equipped to enjoy the opportunities and benefits of the smart grid and evolving clean energy marketplace, Illinois should continue in its efforts to build the grid of the future.

The Next Generation Energy Plan includes provisions that:
• Nearly double energy efficiency programs
• Increase funding for low-income assistance
• Promote solar energy in Illinois with increased rebates
• Strengthen and expand the Renewable Portfolio Standards to provide stable, predictable funding for renewable development
• Introduce a Zero Emission Standard that will make Illinois one of the first states to recognize the zero-carbon benefits of nuclear power.
• Prevent large increases in electric rates
• Preserve over $1.2 billion in economic activity annually
• Prevent a dramatic increase in carbon emissions
• Create thousands of new clean energy jobs through energy efficiency programs, energy innovation, and renewable energy
• Further Enhance the reliability and security of the power grid

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