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Oak Brook Village Board votes 4-3 to approve 22-story luxury condo development

user by David Carlin
calendarWednesday, 12 December

Oak Brook Village President Gopal Lalmalani cast a rare deciding vote Tuesday, which resulted in the Village Board giving approval to the development of a 22-story, luxury condominium building at 1900 Spring Road, just east of Oakbrook Center.

Residents spoke out for and against what will be the tallest building in the village. Oak Brook’s tallest existing buildings are Oak Brook Regency Towers I and Oak Brook Regency Towers II on the 1400 block of 22nd Street, each of which are 13 stories.

Just as there were differences of opinions expressed by residents, Lalmalani was forced to cast the deciding vote because of a 3-3 deadlock among board members.

John Baar, Philip Cuevas and Ed Tiesenga voted against allowing the development, and Asif Yusuf, Moin Sayed and Michael Manzo voted in favor of it.

“I truly believe the village of Oak Brook is at a crossroads for the first time in its history,” Lalmalani said. “We can do nothing and be at a standstill, or we can do something and move forward.”

Lalmalani said he understood the opposition to the development, which was recommended for approval by the village’s Planned Development Commission, but believes the positives for Oak Brook outweigh possible negatives.

Some of the opposition was from residents who believe the development will have a negative impact on nearby property values, and some expressed concern about possible flooding problems.

“I believe this development will help to increase the property values in that area,” Lalmalani said.

Pricing of the smallest units is expected to start in the mid-$800,000s, with the largest, non-penthouse units being just over $2 million.

Lalmalani also said federal, state and county authorities will have to sign off on the project meeting standards for flooding control before construction is allowed.

Yusuf said the development actually would improve flooding issues because of additional water storage space that is included in plans.

Baar said he was not against development, but doesn’t believe this is the right project for the location.

“When it was proposed, I though it was a very exciting project,” he said. “As much as I admire the building, it doesn’t go with the character of this area of Oak Brook.”

Former Village Board member Gerald Wolin, who lives at the nearby Oak Brook Club condominiums, agreed with Baar’s take.

“Twenty-two stories is totally inappropriate for that location,” he said. “It’s out of character for the neighborhood.”

Wolin also expressed concerns that the lot is too small, resulting in approved building setbacks less than usual, and that the additional residents will require a significant expenditure by the village for its services.

“The residents of Oak Brook don’t want this monstrosity,” said resident Jim Pehta .

Another resident, Ed Mullins, spoke in support of the development.

“It’s modern and beautiful,” he said.

Along with the condominium units, the development will have 225 indoor parking spaces, a health club, several communal spaces, landscaping, an exterior dog run and surface parking.

Source: Chuck Fieldman


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Important Message from Chamber President – Meeting Tonight Regarding The Butler

user by David Carlin
calendarTuesday, 11 December

Dear Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce Members and Friends,

I’m writing to make you aware of a very important Village of Oak Brook Board of Trustees meeting taking place at 7pm tonight, Tuesday, December 11, 2018, at the Butler Government Center located at 1200 Oak Brook Road in Oak Brook.

The Village Board will be voting on 1900 Spring, LLC and Jupiter Realty’s proposed 90-unit luxury condominium development known as The Butler. As you know, the Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically supports this significant economic development project.

If you have a few minutes free this afternoon, please consider sending a quick email to Village President Gopal Lalmalani and the Village Board to encourage their support of The Butler. Emails should be sent to [email protected].

If you’d prefer to attend tonight’s meeting to express your support for the Butler, it is always helpful to have Chamber members represented and participating in Village discussions.

For more information on The Butler visit,

For your reference, following is a summary of my remarks made in support of The Butler at the Village of Oak Brook Board of Trustees meeting on 7/10/18 and to the Planned Development Commission on 11/12/18.

• This luxury condominium project is precisely the type of owner-occupied condominium land use which the Village Plan Commission, outside planners, and stakeholders in the community have declared is badly needed to strengthen the village’s existing commercial properties. (See the 2007 Oak Brook Commercial Areas Revitalization Plan).
• The specific location proposed for luxury condominiums to be developed is precisely one of the locations where the Village Plan Commission, community stakeholders, and prior Village Boards have determined that adding multi-family residential development would serve the community and surrounding properties very well.
• The B-2 zoning district has no height limitation and represents the most highly urbanized properties in the entire Village. The B-2 zoning district is the area best suited to fill the need for greater diversity in residential housing opportunities for Oak Brook residents who hope to stay in Oak Brook as they downsize.
• The economic impact from both the addition to the real property tax base, and the Village capture of disposable income sales tax from high net worth residents living within walking distance to Oakbrook Center would be an unequivocal win for Village residents and businesses alike. Oak Brook would receive approximately $1.6 million in permit and construction fees from The Butler. The Butler will boost local sales tax revenue by nearly $110,000 annually. Property taxes produced by the Butler will add an impressive $2.4 million annually for Districts 88 and 48 – a welcomed boost for our area schools.
• The prestige of adding a Lucien Lagrange Studio architectural design to the very core of the Village commercial areas is the type of indelible “branding” that would significantly advance the high-quality reputation that the Village has historically favored. This branding opportunity presents itself at just the point in time when aging structures from half a century past are facing demolition and being completely reimagined.
• Redevelopment opportunities like this come along only once in a very long time. The Village should not miss this opportunity which is clearly exactly what the 2007 Commercial Areas Revitalization Plan has recommended at precisely this location.
Thank you for your steadfast support of economic development and revitalizing Oak Brook’s commercial areas! Please do not hesitate to email [email protected] with any questions regarding this message or The Butler.

David Carlin
President and CEO
Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce and
Economic Development Partnership


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