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Peters & Associates introduces PULSE Assure Security Services

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With the New Year behind us, most organizations are well into their strategic plans for 2017.  Among the goals of growing revenue, improving efficiencies and increasing marketing share, protecting digital assets and data is a top priority.  In the past year, business owners, executives, boards, and the government have increased their levels of concern and involvement in security.  The scope of what needs protection will only continue to increase as new technologies emerge.  Cyber attackers are more cutting-edge and innovative than ever before, increasing the likelihood that your organization will be targeted and compromised in the near-term future.

For those that do not have a dedicated Security Officer or IT Team, figuring out how to protect your organization may seem impossible.  Working with a managed service provide can help you fill the gaps in your security strategy.  Partnering with a trusted security service provider can be a game changer for your business.

While getting started can be intimidating, we can help take the guess work and uncertainty out of the process.  Beginning with an assessment, we evaluate your organization’s security posture at various levels such as data, infrastructure, application and process, in addition to compliance and regulatory requirements.  The results are assembled into a report that acts as a roadmap for you to begin building your organization’s Information Security Program.

Once you have your roadmap, our PULSE Assure Security Services offers a best-in-class suite of products and services to support your Information Security Program by managing multiple aspects of your environment for you.

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To learn more about Peters & Associates, go to  To speak with one of our security experts, reach out to [email protected] or 630.832.0075.

Meet one of our Security Experts – Thomas Johnson (TJ)


As the lead Information Security Architect at Peters & Associates, TJ is responsible for providing security and compliance leadership to our clients. This includes budgeting and risk management, vendor management, customer management, business continuity, data protection, security vendor/product selection, disaster recovery and incident response. TJ has over 25 years of experience in security and technology, as well as extensive compliance related expertise in banking, healthcare and manufacturing.

To connect with TJ, ping him on LinkedIn at:





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