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Cleaning services company receives award for minimizing risk and maximizing health

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calendarWednesday, 05 October

Recently, Buck Services accepted the Assurance MRMH award for achieving 25 percent workers’ compensation cost reduction through risk management efforts.

Buck Services started in 1998 when John Buchholz and his brothers would clean their private elementary and high school (St. Francis in Wheaton) to help with tuition. John is one of 11 kids who lived in a three bedroom house – some of the kids slept in bunkbeds or in the hallway!

John continued cleaning the elementary school when he graduated college but after he became a teacher, he was asked to stop. The school hired a cleaning service, but it was not sufficient and the school did not look the same as when it was under John’s care.

John put a formal proposal together for cleaning service and he was hired. Him and his brothers grew the business to 250 employees out of its West Chicago headquarters.

In 2012, the business experienced a sharp increase in insurance premiums and the company wasn’t getting the ROI needed from their current safety endeavors. So, they set up a three-year plan that would minimize risk in the workplace which included a formalized safety committee, safety trainings for supervisors, and creating a new culture with an emphasis on safety and education. The result was a 25 percent reduction in annual workers’ compensation costs and a 42 percent EMR improvement.

Click here for a video detailing the story!


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