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Thank you, Governor Rauner!

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calendarWednesday, 27 July

Businesses in Oak Brook and Oakbrook Terrace appreciate the cooperation and support of our municipal staff and elected officials and the productive working relationships we have through the Economic Development Partnership of Greater Oak Brook. This partnership helps ensure the commercial and residential economic viability and success of both communities.


Governor Bruce Rauner

Governor Rauner has been working to create similar cooperation between businesses and government on the State level. He knows what our local businesses know: that government must understand what businesses need to succeed and must be responsive to those needs; and, that businesses in turn must be engaged with their communities to help address community needs.

As such, since his election Governor Rauner’s chief executive performance has been an exemplar for both businesses and government organizations. Almost immediately he instilled a surprising new culture of operational excellence and exceptional customer service throughout the State’s agencies — for both businesses and residents. Today, it’s a real pleasure to call all our State offices.

This new State agency culture is especially evident at the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). Today, when a company considering Illinois for its corporate location contacts DCEO, that company is respectfully and enthusiastically greeted by staff at every level and carefully supported through each step of the process for licensing, tax questions, business planning, and more.

Going a fantastic step further, Governor Rauner has also worked to build the State’s first private economic development corporation, the same model we have in place and appreciate here in Greater Oak Brook. This new private State entity, the Illinois Business and Economic Development Corporation, will work more closely with businesses to understand how they need to operate and what State government can do, itself, to work more efficiently on behalf of businesses. As we know on the local level, this type of partnership is the best way to invigorate commerce and grow a strong economy.

Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Partnership Council April 2016 Meeting

Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce
Economic Development Partnership Council
April 2016 Meeting

The Chamber’s Economic Development Partnership Council met DCEO’s Chief of Staff Anthony Esposito at its April meeting and learned more about the planned purpose and structure of this new private economic development corporation. Legislation establishing this new entity is working its way through the General Assembly. Please check the Chamber’s legislative alerts posts for updates at


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