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Meet new Chamber affinity partner Power Kiosk!

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calendarMonday, 25 July

Our current retail energy industry is fragmented and scattered. Tens of thousands of energy brokers are pursuing customers, working to save them money. This leaves customers confused and without a benchmark to know if they are receiving a competitive price.

Power Kiosk CEO Hamed Babai

The Chamber’s new affinity partner, Power Kiosk, has solved this challenge by creating a streamlined centric electronic market place, where thousands of energy brokers connect to a large scale of energy suppliers. Launched in March 2013, Power Kiosk now handles approximately 5,000 energy accounts in 17 states through various brokers. With 63 energy suppliers, Power Kiosk provides customers the unique opportunity to discover the best available rates in the marketplace through only a few clicks and a few bids!

Power Kiosk’s new partnership with the Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce offers local businesses a unique opportunity to utilize this new technology to lower their energy costs. Through September 15, 2016, Power Kiosk will accept authorization letters from Chamber member companies who wish to aggregate their energy usage with that of other businesses to identify potentially better rates. To participate, businesses should sign PowerKiosk’s Authorization Form to Aggregate Energy Load and return it by email to [email protected]. After September 15, Power Kiosk will receive multiple bids and conduct a competitive procurement for the entire pool of inquiring candidates to find the best available contracts at the lowest rates. Companies are under no obligation to purchase anything at any time during this process. Please contact Power Kiosk CEO Hamed Babai at 301-412-5780 for more information. Learn more about Power Kiosk at


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