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Say hello to Greater Oak Brook’s newest corporate residents and their employees

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calendarSunday, 31 July

Be a good neighbor! Reach out and welcome Oak Brook and Oakbrook Terrace’s newest companies and their employees!


Chairman Tom Midura Economic Development Partnership Council

Archer Daniels Midland (Commerce Plaza, Oak Brook)

Beacon Hill Staffing (Mid America Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

Brookline (Lincoln Centre, Oakbrook Terrace)

Cadence Health Systems (Regency Towers, Oak Brook)

CIMC Leasing USA (Two TransAm Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

CMS Communications (Midwest Office Center, Oak Brook)

Datalink Corporation (Mid America Plaza, Oak Brook)

DCT Industrial (Drake Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

DeBlanco, Inc. (Citibank Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Duke Realty (Oak Brook Executive Plaza, Oak Brook)

Farooqui & Husian Law (Two TransAm Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

Forward Space (1111 West 22nd, Oak Brook)

Verdi Property Management (Regency Towers, Oak Brook)

Geiger Wealth Management (Citibank Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Grane Trucking (Butterfield Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Hartford Financial Services (One Oakbrook Terrace, Oakbrook Terrace)

Hassett Express (Midwest Office Center, Oak Brook)

Hauser Izzo, LLC (Regency Towers, Oak Brook)

HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. (Terrace Oaks, Oakbrook Terrace)

Kellen Company (Parkview Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

KeyLimeTie (Oakbrook Promenade, Oak Brook)

Pacific Life Insurance Company (Mid America Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

QsrSoft (Citibank Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Rejuvenate MedSpa (Oak Brook Professional Building)

RSB Dental (Oak Brook North, Oak Brook)

Ryd Law Group, P.C. (Citibank Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Select Staffing (Harger Road, Oak Brook)

Sentinus LLC (Oak Brook Pointe, Oak Brook)

Shriver-Capacity Insurance Agency, LLD (One Oakbrook Terrace, Oakbrook Terrace)

Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. (One Oakbrook Terrace, Oakbrook Terrace)

SMART Golf Fitness Instruction (Oakbrook Terrace Tower, Oakbrook Terrace)

Star Micronics America, Inc. (Commerce Plaza, Oak Brook)

Sterns Lending (Oak Brook Executive Plaza, Oak Brook)

True Consulting (Oak Brook Executive Plaza, Oak Brook)

USI Insurance Services (Commerce Plaza, Oak Brook)

Wealth Planning Network (Parkview Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

New Hassett Express Employees with Welcome Bags from the Greater Oak Brook Economic Development Partnership

New Hassett Express Employees with Welcome Bags from the Greater Oak Brook Economic Development Partnership

“The Chamber’s Economic Development Partnership (EDP) and our local municipalities have worked diligently to ensure that we offer a supportive, business-friendly environment in which businesses can thrive and grow,” said EDP Council Chairman and Graycor Treasurer Tom Midura. “Our promotion of policies that build commerce and reduce business costs and that support timely and efficient building, zoning, permitting and signage processes has resulted in continued economic growth for Greater Oak Brook. We are now beginning additional new efforts to address the community’s emerging transportation, infrastructure and tourism needs to make sure we continue to grow and compete.”

The Chamber’s Economic Development Partnership Council has organized a Transportation and Infrastructure Committee made up of property and business owners who will examine Oak Brook and Oakbrook Terrace vehicle and pedestrian access, and employee transportation needs to and from area train stations to local employment sites.

For more information about this new Chamber committee and its work, please contact Tracy Mulqueen at [email protected] or at 708-560-5271.



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The scary things we all learned at the Chamber’s Cybersecurity Forum

user by Banking and Financial Services Committee
calendarSunday, 31 July

Chamber Board Chairman Dan Wagner (far left) and Bob Knott, SWC Technology Partners CEO and Moderator (far right) and speakers left to right: Vince Voci, US Chamber of Commerce, National Security and Emergency Preparedness; Larry Wojcik, Ace Hardware; Bennett Cikoch Ace Hardware; Bob Kuminara, Millennium Trust; and Brad Adams, Graycor

The Chamber’s first Cybersecurity Forum, presented by the Banking and Financial Services Committee on May 16 at the Le Meridien, was intriguing, enlightening, and disturbing. Here are just a few of the things our business audience learned at the forum and that are highlighted in SWC Technology Partners’ article, PHISHING for an Unwitting Accomplice:

  • – Cybersecurity incidents have risen 38% among all businesses since 2014; 64% for mid-size companies
  • – The vast majority of cyber attacks are via “phishing’ emails, in which attackers send emails that look like regular business or social emails to employees to “hook” someone into responding
  • – These phishing attacks may be mass emails appealing to a wide audience, disguised as a communication from a reputable source like PayPal, Facebook or UPS; one employee click is all an attacker needs to access a user’s login credentials
  • – Advanced phishing involves sending emails to employees who have access to sensitive information or systems, using lookalike domains that appear to be legitimate; these attacks can result in very serious financial loss for companies, including wire transfer fraud
  • – 97% of employees can’t spot these phishing emails
  • – 63% of employees have compromised or forgotten a password and exposed their companies to attacks
  • – Mid-size U.S. companies have reported an estimated average annual financial loss of $1.8 million per company, but the loss is much higher, as up to 70% of attacks go undetected
  • – Smaller companies are usually unable to register such incidents as a threat until it is too late to reduce the risk
  • – 60% of small businesses close within six months of a cyberattack

What can a company do?

SWC Technology Partners recommends establishing a systematic, holistic approach that leverages not only technology, but behavioral training for employees. To help companies set up preventive cybersecurity systems, SWC “pressure tests” a company to establish a baseline for how it responds to simulated attacks. They then identify the highest risk areas to learn what type of information would have been compromised in an attack. Next, SWC sets up a user awareness training program for employees on how to reduce risk in these areas.

Here are additional cybersecurity guidance links from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:


The U.S. Chamber and Illinois Chamber of Commerce will host a statewide Cybersecurity Conference in Schaumberg on June 28, 2016. For information, please click here.


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Thank you, Governor Rauner!

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calendarWednesday, 27 July

Businesses in Oak Brook and Oakbrook Terrace appreciate the cooperation and support of our municipal staff and elected officials and the productive working relationships we have through the Economic Development Partnership of Greater Oak Brook. This partnership helps ensure the commercial and residential economic viability and success of both communities.


Governor Bruce Rauner

Governor Rauner has been working to create similar cooperation between businesses and government on the State level. He knows what our local businesses know: that government must understand what businesses need to succeed and must be responsive to those needs; and, that businesses in turn must be engaged with their communities to help address community needs.

As such, since his election Governor Rauner’s chief executive performance has been an exemplar for both businesses and government organizations. Almost immediately he instilled a surprising new culture of operational excellence and exceptional customer service throughout the State’s agencies — for both businesses and residents. Today, it’s a real pleasure to call all our State offices.

This new State agency culture is especially evident at the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). Today, when a company considering Illinois for its corporate location contacts DCEO, that company is respectfully and enthusiastically greeted by staff at every level and carefully supported through each step of the process for licensing, tax questions, business planning, and more.

Going a fantastic step further, Governor Rauner has also worked to build the State’s first private economic development corporation, the same model we have in place and appreciate here in Greater Oak Brook. This new private State entity, the Illinois Business and Economic Development Corporation, will work more closely with businesses to understand how they need to operate and what State government can do, itself, to work more efficiently on behalf of businesses. As we know on the local level, this type of partnership is the best way to invigorate commerce and grow a strong economy.

Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Partnership Council April 2016 Meeting

Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce
Economic Development Partnership Council
April 2016 Meeting

The Chamber’s Economic Development Partnership Council met DCEO’s Chief of Staff Anthony Esposito at its April meeting and learned more about the planned purpose and structure of this new private economic development corporation. Legislation establishing this new entity is working its way through the General Assembly. Please check the Chamber’s legislative alerts posts for updates at


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Chamber EDP Council discusses McDonald’s relocation to Chicago

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calendarTuesday, 26 July


There was vigorous discussion at the Chamber’s recent Economic Development Partnership (EDP) Council meeting regarding the McDonald’s exit from Oak Brook and the need for the Village of Oak Brook to be more responsive to new development trends, including multi-use developments that include apartments for younger families. The Village has responded with some very positive plans to address many of the concerns expressed during this meeting.

Village President Gopal Lalmalani has re-established the formerly named Commercial Revitalization and Streetscapes Committees into a new Community Enhancement Committee. The committee includes key commercial and resident participation. In addition to having input regarding the Village’s ongoing commercial development efforts, the committee will also work with an urban planning consultant, hired by the Village, to help prepare and position the village for its future workforce needs, which includes the possible development of condos.

For more information about this new Committee or the EDP Council, please contact Tracy Mulqueen at 708-560-5271 or [email protected].


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Chamber announces new Networkers group

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calendarTuesday, 26 July

Members of the Chamber’s staff and board of directors recently met with a networking event focus group to learn their perspectives on current Chamber programs. The Chamber truly appreciated the group’s feedback, which has since helped the organization develop new networking and other supportive member services.

First, the group described the following as the Chamber’s current positive contributions to member businesses:

– Effective advocacy efforts on behalf of businesses

-Important business recruitment and retention efforts on behalf of the community

-Ongoing efforts to attract and retain a talented workforce for our community

-Helpful educational forums, networking events, and building fairs

DoubleTree Wow Room

The Chamber’s June Networking Breakfast in the DoubleTree Oak Brook’s “Wow Room”

The Chamber also learned that the group would like to see more networking events, and that they have a strong interest in assisting the Chamber as it recruits new members. The group also expressed interest in assisting the organization’s young professionals, as they grow in their careers.

As a result, the Chamber will present more networking events, including the upcoming networking breakfasts scheduled for September 22, 2016 at the Hilton Oak Brook Hills Resort and October 27 at Gibsons Steakhouse. Both events will run from 7:30 to 8:45 a.m. The Chamber will also present its annual Holiday Mixer on November 17, 2016 at the Clubhouse Restaurant from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

New Networkers Group

Also, as a next step in expanding its membership recruitment efforts, the Chamber has formed a new Networkers group. Networkers will play a very important role in the Chamber’s growth strategy over the next several years.

Members of the group will first participate in a two-hour orientation on September 13, 2016 from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. to become familiar with the Chamber’s objectives and core activities. During this session, the Chamber will also provide each Networker the materials and contact information they will need to meet with prospective member companies.

Networkers will then meet quarterly to stay connected to new Chamber initiatives and updates and to coordinate member recruitment efforts.

New Bridge Partnership

In addition, the Chamber’s Economic Development Partnership has introduced a new “near peer” career mentor program, called the Bridge Partnership, that links middle and high school students with college students and young professionals. The program also links young professionals to mid-career professionals.

For more information or to volunteer for the Networkers group and/or the Bridge Partnership, please contact Tracy Mulqueen at [email protected] or 708-560-5271.


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Well@Work & Learn@Lunch Supplementing wellness programs in DuPage workplaces

user by Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce
calendarMonday, 25 July

Well@Work started in a small office located by people who wanted to make big changes. It is a co-op program between 20+ healthy partners in DuPage County. The vendors collaborate and bring mini, interactive health-fairs to employers of all sizes but most specifically to companies with 50+ employees.  In addition, they offer lunch-time workshops on a variety of health topics to employers of all size.

Julie Bonn Blank Community Outreach Director West Suburban Wellness

With many corporate wellness funds being reduced or cut entirely, Well@Work currently provides these
services at no cost to the employer. The program is designed to allow employers of all sizes to supplement their wellness programs. The health fairs are smaller than a typical health fair or health expo, and sometimes only feature 6-10 vendor partners at a time. This makes the environment more personable and the vendor can then focus on building a relationship and bringing health-focused and fun education to each passerby.  The mini interactive health fairs often offer free smoothies, free massages, free aura readings, free product samples and much more.


Founder Julie Bonn Blank explains that sometimes employers don’t have a wellness program, even though there are expectations from upper management and employees to create one. “In this case we come alongside as a partner,” Bonn Blank says. “For a few organizations, we are their one and only wellness program and hold several health fairs a year, as well as monthly Learn@Lunch programs. The response has been tremendous and the events have a higher-than-usual participation rate from employees. We can even work with the employer on a point system and help them come up with incentives for employees to take advantage of what is being offered.”

Current Well@Work and Learn@Lunch partners include:

  • West Suburban Wellness, Chiropractic and Massage Services
  • Points to Wellness, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • Entrée Kitchen, Pre-Prep Meal Services
  • Gorski Wellness, Nutritional Consultation/Shaklee Distributor
  • TruVision Health Chicago, All-Natural Weight Loss Products, Oils and Supplements
  • European Wax Center, Waxing Services
  • Body & Brain Yoga Glen Ellyn, Classes in East Asian Healing Methods
  • Whole Love Organics, Natural Organic Bath and Beauty Products
  • Fruitful Yield Lombard, Health Food Store
  • The Heartland Group, Financial Fitness and Wellness
  • Vein Clinics of America, Vein Disease Treatment
  • Cruise Planners, Travel Advocates
  • Juice Plus, Whole Food Nutrition
  • Ruah Center, Acupuncture and Natural Wellness
  • Waddell & Reed, Healthy Asset Management
  • Path to Joy and Wellness, Reflexology and Natural Health Care
  • Honest Tea, Great Tasting and Organic Beverages
  • Connect Hearing, Hearing Testing and Resources
  • Get Your Fit On With Natalie, Personal Fitness Coaching/BeachBody Distributer
  • BattleFrog, Nationwide Obstacle Courses and Races
  • Aflac, Financial Protection and Insurance Resources
  • Yoga by Degrees

“It makes sense to run an effective safety and health program because your people deserve it, your customers demand it, and your business practices and future will not be there without it.” – Dan Fergus, Genesee Stampings

For more information on Well@Work or Learn@Lunch, contact [email protected] or at 630-629-9500.


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Meet new Chamber affinity partner Power Kiosk!

user by Economic Development Partnership
calendarMonday, 25 July

Our current retail energy industry is fragmented and scattered. Tens of thousands of energy brokers are pursuing customers, working to save them money. This leaves customers confused and without a benchmark to know if they are receiving a competitive price.

Power Kiosk CEO Hamed Babai

The Chamber’s new affinity partner, Power Kiosk, has solved this challenge by creating a streamlined centric electronic market place, where thousands of energy brokers connect to a large scale of energy suppliers. Launched in March 2013, Power Kiosk now handles approximately 5,000 energy accounts in 17 states through various brokers. With 63 energy suppliers, Power Kiosk provides customers the unique opportunity to discover the best available rates in the marketplace through only a few clicks and a few bids!

Power Kiosk’s new partnership with the Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce offers local businesses a unique opportunity to utilize this new technology to lower their energy costs. Through September 15, 2016, Power Kiosk will accept authorization letters from Chamber member companies who wish to aggregate their energy usage with that of other businesses to identify potentially better rates. To participate, businesses should sign PowerKiosk’s Authorization Form to Aggregate Energy Load and return it by email to [email protected]. After September 15, Power Kiosk will receive multiple bids and conduct a competitive procurement for the entire pool of inquiring candidates to find the best available contracts at the lowest rates. Companies are under no obligation to purchase anything at any time during this process. Please contact Power Kiosk CEO Hamed Babai at 301-412-5780 for more information. Learn more about Power Kiosk at


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Praise for Portillo’s Hot Dogs CEO Keith Kinsey and model training program

user by Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce
calendarFriday, 15 July

Chamber members, partners and friends recently enjoyed one of the most interesting Annual Meeting keynote addresses in years, presented by one of the community’s most engaging speakers, new Portillo’s Hot Dogs CEO Keith Kinsey. The audience was surprised to learn what a critical role the restaurant industry plays in the current economy, and how Portillo’s own workforce training initiatives have helped grow talent in the restaurant industry and many other industries, as well.


CEO Keith Kinsey Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Oak Brook-based Portillo’s corporation employs 4,000 people who work at 50 businesses in four States. The company offers its own nationally recognized employee and manager training and development programs, all focused on the Four Golden Rules:

  1. Quality
  2. Service
  3. Attitude
  4. Cleanliness.

Portillo’s strongly supports its employees’ future success by offering growth opportunities through its own uniquely designed CareerPath program. Many companies refer to Portillo’s training and development programs as models.

Interested in working at Portillo’s? Go to


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They can’t imagine working anywhere else

user by Talented Workforce Committee
calendarMonday, 11 July

Do you love your job? Employees at Oak Brook-based Hub Group and SWC Technology Partners love theirs! Today, companies like Hub and SWC offer innovative and motivating work cultures that enhance the work experience for their employees.

Hub Group’s Team with Talented Workforce Co-Chair Susan Lindquist

Hub Group’s Team with Talented Workforce Co-Chair Susan Lindquist

At its recent Annual Meeting and Awards Breakfast, the Chamber presented its Model Workplace Award to Hub Group, one of Oak Brook’s newer corporate residents. Hub Group built its beautiful corporate headquarters in Oak Brook several years ago with a unique open floor plan that encourages communication across all departments. Hub Group believes that if its departments collaborate in an open environment, they will be able to create innovative solutions that benefit the company’s customers. These efforts have also resulted in employee growth, improved communication and team building.

Of note, Hub Group’s employee wellness initiative is especially appreciated, offering in-house bike racks and locker rooms, five walking paths, an in-house deli offering healthy meals, and annual complimentary CPR training. The company also offers top-of-the line technology access for all its employees to help them work more efficiently.

In addition, Hub Group offers entry-level employees the opportunity to win the STAR award for performance with special in-house rewards, and provides employee scholarships for use at four-year accredited universities during the academic year.

Pictured left to right: SWC Human Resources Director Patrick O’Rourke and SWC CEO Bob Knott with Chamber Talented Workforce Committee Co-Chair Susan Lindquist

Pictured left to right: SWC Human Resources Director Patrick O’Rourke and SWC CEO Bob Knott with Chamber Talented Workforce Committee Co-Chair Susan Lindquist

The Chamber also presented its Champion for Young Professionals award to SWC Technology Partners. Since 2002, SWC has quadrupled its customer base and workforce and has become one of the best-known companies of its kind. SWC uses a unique blend of recruiting methods to attract and retain some of the Chicago area’s top young talent, including campus recruiting, traditional online recruiting channels and the use of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. SWC also uses social media to create content and develop relationships with potential candidates.

Among many other things, SWC also offers programs to help young professionals jumpstart their careers: the Career Advocate Program, SWC University, and Lunch and Learn sessions. SWC also covers the cost for new employees to achieve technical certifications.

Tell us about the great things your company does to support and develop employees by emailing [email protected].


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Search for a new home with new Chamber member and local realtor, Bob Hutchison

user by Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce
calendarTuesday, 05 July

When I met new Chamber member Bob Hutchison for the first time, I thought he was an exceptionally nice guy who was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about real estate. As there are a number of super talented realtors in our area, I wasn’t at all surprised to meet another fantastic one.


Realtor Bob ‘Hutch’ Hutchison RE/MAX

As I continued to get to know Bob, I also learned that he is an experienced stocks and bonds trader who has learned how to apply those trading skills to really effectively market his real estate clients. In addition, he’s clearly a great listener and responds quickly to client needs, so he makes a terrific guide for executives and employees who are new to the area and need to find that perfect home in a limited amount of time. His skills are also a good fit for families and individuals who need focused and ongoing marketing support and attention.

Please join us in welcoming Bob Hutchison as a new member. You may contact Bob at 630-747-5915 or [email protected].


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